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My Bio

Married since '87 to an indie filmmaker who understands my love of toys. Four feline children, Amanda and Sarah Jane, our sisters and Domino and Max, mother and son.(miss you, Shadow & Stormy!) Teaches K-2nd graders at church (so I get my kid fix taken care of) :)

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My Hobbies

Reading, drawing, netsurfing, all things 1/6 scale from Barbie and Joe to Star Wars and Jenny.(including customizing when I get time and inspiration) RPGs, S&SF conventions, and fiddling with the computer. Favorite TV: Highlander, Doctor Who, Green Hornet, various animation . Favorite Films: Star Wars,(all of them!) Hunt for Red October, GoldenEye, Goldfinger, Ghostbusters, Aliens, GalaxyQuest. Favorite books: Faded Sun series, Dune (I through V), LOTR, Harry Potter, Lord Darcy, Brother Cadfael,Lord Meren(Egyptian mysteries), travel books